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Guest applications are now open through March 3rd!

Thank you so much for your interest in being a guest on 3 in 30 in 2020! The podcast is currently getting over 100,000 downloads per month, and we take seriously our responsibility to curate the very best takeaways for the thousands of mothers who listen to the show each week.

We receive hundreds of applications to be on the show each year and only have about 30 recording spots. With this in mind, we wanted to give you some info about what makes an application stand out.

To prepare a standout application:

  • Your application should be detailed, particularly question #6 where we ask you to outline your takeaways. This is your chance to give us a full picture of what you’re offering our listeners. (For an example outline, click here. This is a real submission we received from Andrea Davis of Better Screen Time, and it became episode #89 of the show.)

  • Your three takeaways should be as actionable and unique as possible-- something that moms can use immediately in their lives.

  • Under each takeaway, please include at least one example or story that you’d share.

  • Before you submit an application, listen to several episodes of the podcast so you are familiar with the tone and format.

  • Look through the episode archives to be sure you are not proposing a topic or takeaways that have already been covered.

A few more FAQs:

Q: Who decides on guests and topics?

  • Several members of the 3 in 30 team review these applications to help Rachel make decisions about guests.

Q: When will I hear back about my application?

  • Due to the volume of proposals we receive, you will not hear back from us unless your application is accepted. But please know how much we genuinely appreciate your interest! If your application is accepted, you will hear from us within the next six months.

Q: I have lots of ideas! Can I submit more than one proposal?

  • Yes! If you have ideas for multiple topics, you can submit up to two proposals. Submit them on the same application--just outline two different episodes under question #6.

Q: I am a publicist or marketing representative. Can I fill out this application on behalf of my client?

  • No. This application must be filled out by the presenter himself/herself. Copy and paste submissions will not be considered.

Q: When are applications due?

  • We will close applications on March 3, 2020 and won’t open them again until the fall.

Please know how much we sincerely appreciate your interest in being a guest on 3 in 30! It’s an honor that you want to share your message with our community.

We applaud you, and we are grateful for all the good you put out into the world.

With Gratitude,

The 3 in 30 Team