093: How to Change Someone’s Life Without Knowing It

When you think about the small but impactful acts of kindness others have shown you, do you also reflect on the kindness *you* have shown others? It might be humbling to admit, but ways YOU have reached out have made a big difference to others as well. I claim that with confidence because today on the podcast, I’m talking about how to change someone’s life and sharing a story of a simple handshake and how it changed the life of someone I know.

This episode is an excerpt from a guest interview that I did on the podcast Becoming for Teens with co-hosts Erica Peterson and Tawni Beardall (our guests from last week’s episode, Overcoming Your Inner Teen).

This special story from my life seemed like a great followup to Teen Month, but this episode isn’t just for parents! Will you do me a favor and listen to this with your teen? (Or preteen!)

From my experience befriending Brian and shaking his hand, I learned:

  1. Look around and notice. When you’re in a group of people, stop for a second. Then scan the room and ask yourself: Is there somebody here who could use a little friendship right now?
  2. Initiate that first gesture, even if it’s scary or forced.
  3. A really small act of kindness is enough.

Show Notes:

Instagram: @becoming_for_teens

Website: Becoming For Teens

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How has someone changed your life? Share in a comment below!