097: How to Let Go of Hard Stuff from Your Past // from ‘About Progress’

Most of us had some experiences or people in our childhoods that left a heavy mark. Making today’s topic on how to let go of hard stuff so important.

Sometimes we minimize these difficult moments because “it could have been worse.” But no matter what you faced growing up, we all need to process our experiences from childhood and examine how they’ve shaped us.

I was raised in a loving home with amazing parents, but a lot of my early years were spent worrying about my mom as she battled breast cancer for thirteen years; and then passed away when I was nineteen. This experience impacted me more than I ever realized until I went to counseling years later.

In this interview with Monica Packer of About Progress, I share the breakthroughs I had in counseling and three tools that taught me how to “let go” of hard stuff and move forward into healing:

How to Let Go

  1. Write letters (that you never have to send!) to process experiences or feelings that are burdening you.
  2. Think back to those activities and passions you loved as a child, and do them again.
  3. Envision yourself as a child and give yourself the grace, comfort and protection that you would a child in your life.

I hope this episode prompts some deep-thinking and deep-healing in your own life.

Show Notes

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Monica’s podcast: aboutprogress.com

Original episode aired on About Progress: “Overcoming the Complexities of Our Childhood”