How to Stop Being Mean to Yourself (Encore!)

The past few weeks at our house have been so busy that I’ve slipped into some negative self-talk and coping behaviors. Whenever this happens, I feel so frustrated with myself, thinking, “Rachel, you know better than this! You’ve learned great strategies in counseling over the past six years to help you stay in the positive!”

That’s when I remind myself that recovery isn’t linear. We can have little setbacks along the way, without being all the way back at the beginning. Yes, I’ve come a long way since the beginning of my therapy journey, but I’m still learning and practicing–and that’s okay.

This Encore episode is as much as reminder for ME as it is for you. I’ve recorded a new intro to tell you what’s going on in my life right now, and then I re-air what I consider to be one of the most important episodes I’ve ever published.

Whether or not you’ve listened to this episode before, I hope you will listen!


Show Notes

Here is a list of coping statements to try when you’re having a difficult time.

The Surprising Way I Confronted my Eating Disorder” (narrative therapy):

Unhealthy Stress or Habits? Break the Cycle!” (podcast on Power of Moms):

“Listening to and Loving your Body through Intuitive Eating” (podcast on Power of Moms):


2 thoughts on “How to Stop Being Mean to Yourself (Encore!)”

  1. I loved this podcast and needed to hear it, badly. I can relate soooo much. It’s almost like listening to my own story, from the excessive exercise and starvation in college, to now being the heaviest in my life through binge eating my way through the last 4 years of postpartum depression, the illness of my father and my husband being out of work for almost a year. Try as I may, I always seem to revert back to the all or nothing and mean thinking. I’m a lot better with it now that I’m older, but still have a ways to go. So, thank you for being willing to share your story. I personally, greatly appreciate it. I love your podcast.

    1. Rachel Nielson

      Oh thank you for taking the time to listen and comment! And YES to all of it with your story–it’s so so hard. Have you ever gone to counseling or considered it?? I highly recommend. So much love to you!!

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