099: How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex // Kristin B. Hodson

Do you consider yourself the sex expert of your home? Today we are discussing how to talk to your kids about sex. I know it seems like a big role — but it’s possible. Ninety-nine percent of what our kids need when they ask questions about their bodies is to know that we won’t shut them down. 

Today is the first in a series of episodes that I’m calling “You Are Your Child’s Most Important Teacher.” 

I am so grateful to have Kristin Hodson, certified sex therapist and mother of three, as our first guest in this series. Kristin is a true expert in the field of sexual health as she frequently teaches workshops to parents on this topic, writes for publications, teaches at the university-level, and counsels individuals about their sexuality in her private practice. 

Kristin’s three takeaways for becoming the sex expert of your home include…

  1. Expand your definition from sex to sexual health, and have a thousand one-minute conversations with your children about sexual health over the course of their lifetimes. 
  2. Become comfortable with your own sexual history and development so you’re comfortable talking about these topics with your kids. (For Kristin’s guide to figuring this out, make sure you’re subscribed to our emails here.)
  3. View talking to your kids about sex as a skill you will get better at with practice. 

Kristin is a wealth of knowledge and resources around sexual health, so make sure you check out her website or find her on Instagram! 

Show Notes:

Full transcript of this episode here.

Kristin’s website: kristinbhodson.com

Kristin’s Instagram: @kristinbhodson

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20 thoughts on “099: How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex // Kristin B. Hodson”

  1. Hello!
    I loved this podcast with Krista Hodson. This is the first 3 in30 podcast I have listened too, but it won’t be the last. I love the 3 take aways idea. I was hoping I could get a copy of Krista’s sexual history and development lists. I would love to get my hands on those as I start teaching more to my 5 children. Thank you!

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    1. Thank you for the feedback! I always want to make things concrete. Reply with some specific questions that you want concrete answers for, and I will do my best!

    1. Hi! Thank is going to vary depending on your children. But, I would recommend getting the books “30 Days of Sex Talks” by Educate and Empower Kids. They have three books…one for kids ages 3-7, one for kids ages 8-11, and one for kids ages 12-18. This helps give you some basic ideas about when to talk about what! I hope this helps! xo

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  4. Please email me Kristin’s questions. There is no link in the notes for them. Thanks so much! I am a new listener and loved these podcasts on talking about sex and pornography with kids! Eager to put this into practice in my family

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  6. Loved this podcast! Thanks for all the great content. Is it still possible to get the list? I didn’t see a link for it anywhere. Thanks!

  7. My daughter (7 year) has started asking where do babies come from. Even after hearing this podcast i dont feel comfortable to answer this question. Any other support materials that I can use? also from your book list which one you would recommend I should use to get started with.

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