Why I Love I Believe in me!

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How it Works

I Believe in Me is a monthly membership program that helps middle-school aged girls gain the confidence they need to grow and thrive. 

Within the program, there are weekly 15-20 minute lessons about an essential life skill or mindset tool for pre-teen girls, and they’ve also created a library of short tutorials for the girls on some fun topics such as Crafts, Hair Styles, Skin Care, Holiday Traditions, and more.

Three Reasons I love I Believe in Me

I Believe in Me is a an outstanding way to help support and prepare tween girls in what can be an awkward time. Here is why I love I Believe in Me:


  1. Girls can easily navigate this online adventure on their own, or they can view the weekly lesson with a parent as episodes will spark discussions and questions about key topics for this unique time.
  2. The program has a powerful mission to help strong girls nurture strong hearts and strong minds. I think this is something we can all support.
  3. The skills they learn will not only make their middle school experience more positive, but will enrich their social and emotional intelligence on into adulthood.