002: Easy Ways to Capture Memories of Motherhood // Laura Webb

I have been an avid record-keeper since I started my first “Jernel” at age 7. That yellow binder is filled with crayon scrawlings of some of my deepest thoughts and questions, such as “Today we are going to a picneak. What will I eat there?”

This journaling habit continued into my teens and young adulthood, and, fortunately, my entries became more meaningful over the years. Since becoming a mother, however, it is much harder to find blocks of uninterrupted time to sit, reflect, and write.

Listen in as Laura shares ideas for…

  • Using technology to help us capture memories
  • Finding routine times or triggers to remind us to journal
  • Remembering that something is better than nothing when it comes to documenting our lives

What are your best ideas for keeping records of your motherhood experience?  Please share them in the comments or on Instagram @3in30podcast.  We want to learn from you!

How to Journal as a Busy Mom (Rachel’s article for Power of Moms)

Feature Image: Alexis Johnson Photography (Eagle River, Alaska)

Webb Family Photo: Brynmarae Photography  (Denver, Colorado)

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