083: Are Kids Today Harder Than They Were In The Past? // Katherine Reynolds Lewis

There’s no question that parenting has been difficult for every generation– but has it always been this difficult? I’ll admit, my dreams of parenthood were idealized in many ways, but I often wonder if the day will ever come that my children actually stay in their seats at dinner long enough for good conversation and connection. I wonder if their big emotions and high energy will continue to affect our everyday lives, or if we will be able to have memorable outings that don’t require quite so much emotional energy with managing expectations and refereeing.

Katherine Reynolds Lewis, an award-winning journalist and certified parent educator, had the same questions as she raised her own strong-willed children. The more she looked around at other parents and children, the more she realized that she wasn’t alone–kids today just seemed to be harder, even though parents devote more time and energy to their children than in any other generation.

This seeming epidemic of strong-willed kids with difficult behavior is the reason that she embarked on writing her book, The Good News About Bad Behavior– Why Kids Are Less Disciplined Than Ever and What to Do About It.

After years of incredibly detailed research, Katherine found there are three overarching reasons why kids today have less ability to regulate their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors:

  1. The decline in unstructured play and outdoor time.
  2. The growth of media and technology .
  3. The increased focus on achievement and performance, instead of character and contribution.

In this episode, Katherine unpacks each of these areas and gives suggestions for what we as modern parents can do about it.

And don’t forget to come back next week for part two of this super interesting discussion!

Show Notes

Katherine Reynolds Lewis’ website: katherinerlewis.com

Katherine Reynolds Lewis’ Instagram: @katherinereynoldslewis

Katherine Reynolds Lewis’ book: The Good News About Bad Behavior: Why Kids Are Less Disciplined Than Ever– and What To Do About It 

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3 thoughts on “083: Are Kids Today Harder Than They Were In The Past? // Katherine Reynolds Lewis”

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  3. THIS!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I have been struggling so much with my children’s behavior and my 5 year old has a lot of anxiety already. I am a person who loves to warn my kids how they can get hurt, what they should and shouldn’t do….etc. I allow too much
    TV time because let’s face it, it is easier at the time to let them watch TV than coax them outside. I am so grateful for this podcast. Thank you for all that you do Rachel! You inspire me every time I listen!

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