086: 3 Easy Ways to Build Life-Long Bonds with Your Children

People are often amazed by just how close my sisters and I are to my dad. Our mom passed away when we were teenagers, so Dad planned our weddings, comes to help us after we have babies, and talks to us frequently about our lives.

I truly believe that the small but meaningful ways my dad bonded with us when we were young made all the difference when we lost our mom; we already had a solid relationship with him that has since blossomed into something truly beautiful and unique.

If you want a rock solid, life-long bond with your children, here are three easy ways that I learned from my dad:


 <li>Play with them. Rely on small but consistent &amp; memorable traditions.</li>

 <li>Talk with them. Show them you welcome and can handle their questions, and schedule regular times to check-in.</li>

 <li>Feel with them. Sit with them in their disappointments and their fears without trying to fix it.</li>



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