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This is my business coach, Crystalee Beck of The Mama Ladder. She helped me transform my business and my life.

Within six months of starting 3 in 30, I recognized that I needed a business mentor. I started my podcast because I love to teach--I knew how to do that!--but I quickly found that there was so much about running a business that I did not know how to do.

I chose Crystalee because she had built two very successful businesses while also being a devoted mother to her young children. I loved her mission to "empower mom entrepreneurs to take bold action with BIG heart."

Crystalee and I did one-on-one coaching for six months, and during that time, I truly feel that she helped me accelerate the growth of my business forward by a year or two.

So when Crystalee announced her Mama Power membership program, I immediately signed up.


MAMA POWER™is the revolutionary six-month membership program by The Mama Ladder® that helps you GET. MORE. DONE.There's no other business accelerator program like it for mamapreneurs, anywhere.

My Three Favorite parts of mama Power

1)  Hands-on Help for my Business from Expert Service Providers

Do you ever feel stuck in your business due to lack of time or resources?

One of my biggest struggles as a mom-entrepreneur is lack of time. Before joining Mama Power, I had a long list of all of my business to-dos (learning about SEO, talking to a lawyer to get things legit, managing my finances better, figuring out Facebook ads, etc. etc. etc etc), but I never got to those things because just keeping up with the daily demands of my work and my family was too much!


Plus, where would I even start? Whom would I hire to help me, and how would I know if he/she was actually good?

As a Mama Power member, I had access to Crystalee's "dream team" of expert service providers. I got to choose 3 services for them to do for me--with me!--so I would know how to do it on my own in the future.

Some of the service options include:

  • SEO help
  • Book writing mentoring
  • Graphic design
  • Legal help (LLC formation, trademarks, contracts)
  • Tax prep services
  • Bookkeeping and accounting services
  • Marketing
  • Facebook Ad creation
  • Public Relations

I loved that I didn't have to search for all of these different people and try to figure out if they were good or not. I just knew that if they were on Crystalee's team, they were vetted and their work would be excellent.

I have accomplished so much "behind-the-scenes" in my business these past six months thanks to these awesome service providers!



2)  Group coaching calls with Crystalee

Do you ever feel alone in your business?

Crystalee has a gift for helping overwhelmed women find their next right step and move forward with confidence. She is an excellent listener and sounding board, and with her experience building businesses, her advice is always spot on. 


You can hear more about the specific wisdom that Crystalee has shared with me over the past two years here.


3)  Mama Spring Break

Are you looking to connect with like minded women?

Mama Spring Break is THE premier business and adventure retreat for mom-entrepreneurs. I was honored to attend last year and got to learn from top-level business women women during the workshops, as well as collaborate and bond with other attendees who are in the trenches building their dreams with me. The friends and connections I made there have been incredibly beneficial for my business! (Not to mention it was just a ton of fun and a great break from my kids, as a business expense!)

Mama Spring Break

Program details

Are you ready to get things done?


Crystalee strongly believes that "if you impact a mom, you impact a family". I agree. As mamaprenuers we are living at the intersection of motherhood and entrepreneurship. We are changing diapers and making deadlines.  Join an incredible group of women that get you and will rejoice in your victories and support you in your challenges. Mama Power isn't just a membership, it is a level up in business and connection to an incredible group of women.

The second cohort of Mama Power starts on November 1, 2019 and goes through April 30, 2020. What you'll get as part of the Mama Power Membership:

  • 6 monthly virtual workshops to get things done with experts guiding you
  • 6 monthly "Power Hours" of group business coaching with Crystalee
  • 3 services from our Mama Power team
  • Fee waived ($35) to apply for the $5000 High Five Grant given semi-annually through The Mama Ladder and co-host Belly Bandit
  • Exclusive discounts with The Mama Ladder's partners (printing, branded products, etc.)
  • Ticket to #MamaSpringBreak 2020

3 in 30 Bonus offer!

If you tell Crystalee that you are joining Mama Power because of a recommendation from 3 in 30, you will receive an exclusive bonus:

  • 30-minute strategy call with Rachel about how to grow your business in the next six months (to take place in November 2019)

Join by October 15th to access this bonus!


To find out more about the program and the investment, click the button below!

Thank you to The Mama Ladder for supporting 3 in 30!