080: Blessing our Children by Seeing their Gifts: A Musical Tribute to my Mama (Encore!)

It’s the week before Mother’s Day, so it only seemed appropriate that I air an encore episode about the woman who has impacted me the most: my own amazing mother. I originally aired this episode last July to honor my mom on the 15th anniversary of her passing away from breast cancer.

I do want to acknowledge before this episode starts that I know Mother’s Day can be a complicated holiday for many women. Some of us love the opportunity to have a little bit of extra pampering and spoiling; but for others, Mother’s Day brings feelings of guilt about the ways we feel like we’re falling short as mothers—or it brings feelings of sadness or even anger if our relationship with our own mothers is different than what we would like. Maybe we weren’t raised in loving homes, and the sting can be felt even more deeply on Mother’s Day.

I know that not every woman listening was lucky enough to be raised by a mother like mine. And next week on the show— my first week back from my “pause”— I’m interviewing an incredible woman about how to be a loving mother even if you weren’t raised by one.

I hope that you’ll come back next week to hear that inspiring episode, and that hearing about my mother today can encourage you and give you some ideas of small and simple ways that you can make a profound difference to your children—not by being a perfect mother, but just by being a mother who celebrates your children’s gifts and loves them without conditions. That’s who my mother was, and I’m so honored to share her with you today.


4 thoughts on “080: Blessing our Children by Seeing their Gifts: A Musical Tribute to my Mama (Encore!)”

  1. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous voice with us, Rachel! I lost my mom to Leukemia when I was a little girl, and I can say with confidence that the mothering never stops. Your mom has got to be the proudest guardian angel seeng the way you’re so courageously shining.

    1. Rachel Nielson

      Oh thank you so much!!! I love thinking about her watching over me. I’m so sorry you’ve lost your mom too.

  2. Oh thank you so much for sharing!!!!
    I‘m sobbing it’s so beautiful 😪
    It puts the daily fight here at home in a rather good perspective. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!
    You don’t know what that means to me ♥️
    Love, Kirsten

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