206: 3 Things to Remember when Parenting is Difficult

When you’re discouraged, frustrated, and exhausted by your children’s behaviors, and parenting is  difficult, I hope these three mindset shifts will help:

1) Remember, you can’t protect your kids from process. Like film in a dark room, your children need to go through certain steps in order to develop into who they are supposed to be, and we can’t skip through or rush that process. Many of their difficult behaviors might be necessary steps in their development as a human being, and it’s our job to keep loving them and guiding them through.

2) Don’t make your child’s behavior mean anything about you. Parenting is difficult. And while our mothering can certainly help and support our children, we ultimately are not in control of their choices or of who they become. The only thing we can control is the way that we love them, and consistently working to get better at that defines a good mother, not the behavior of the children.

3) Let them feel their emotions. When we try to squash, silence, shame, or solve their emotions, we are again trying to rush their process instead of holding space for them to develop into who they are meant to be.

These three takeaways are not easy, but I hope they will be helpful to you in times when parenting is difficult.

I want you to know that I am rooting for you, that I would LOVE for you to join my nine-month program so I can get to know you better, and that I hope you have a beautiful week with your family.

What mindset shifts do you try to remember when parenting is difficult? Tell me in the comments below!


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