031: Three Easy Ways to Teach Children the True Meaning of Patriotic Holidays // Brittany Richman and Andrea Reeve, The American Moms

Let’s play two truths and a lie about this week’s podcast guests:

  • They are twin sisters.
  • One of them worked on Capitol Hill as the press secretary for two US Senators.
  • One of them worked in the White House in the office of presidential speech writing.

You guessed it…there’s no lie. All three of those impressive facts are TRUTH. The moms on today’s episode have very unique life experiences, and they share their knowledge about politics, government, and American history with other moms through their website TheAmericanMoms.com.

On today’s episode, they teach us how to make the upcoming patriotic holidays, particularly Memorial Day and the 4th of July, more meaningful than just a neighborhood pool party.

Don’t miss hearing their insights about making patriotism part of your family culture, and all of their specific ideas and links are below!


Show Notes

The American Moms Website: theamericanmoms.com

The American Moms Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theamericanmoms/

App to find historical sites near you, “History Here”: https://www.history.com/history-here

Favorite book series to teach children about historical people: Ordinary People Change the World

A Dozen Books to Get Your Kids Excited about America: http://theamericanmoms.com/12-of-the-best-books-to-teach-patriotism-to-your-children/

Patriotic resource list from the website “Raise the Good:” http://www.raisethegood.com/blog/10-patriotic-movies-for-families

The books I purchased to teach my kids about patriotic holidays:

(These are affiliate links, so if you purchase one of these books, it supports the podcast. Thank you!)


Other Resources from “The American Moms”:

10 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day: http://theamericanmoms.com/meaningful-ways-celebrate-memorial-day-kids/

Teaching My Children What the American Flag Means to Me: http://theamericanmoms.com/lessons-i-hope-my-children-remember-when-they-see-the-american-flag/

12 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Independence Day: http://theamericanmoms.com/meaningful-ways-to-celebrate-independence-day-with-your-kids/


Quote from the Episode:

“One might also say that history is not about the past. If you think about it, no one ever lived in the past. Washington, Jefferson, John Adams and their contemporaries, didn’t walk around saying ‘Isn’t this fascinating living in the past? Aren’t we wearing our funny clothes?’ They lived in the present. The difference is, it was their present, not ours. They were caught up living in the moment exactly as we are, and with no more certainty of how things would turn out than we have.”

David McCullough

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