105: For the Mom of Littles

If you’re anything like me, you sometimes realize with surprise that you’ve entered a different (and easier) phase of motherhood. You didn’t even notice it slowly shifting. But you suddenly realize that your babies have started sleeping longer stretches at night. Or, they have really learned to put their shoes on by themselves. Or they are beside you helping prepare their lunch for school the next day. (What the heck??) Transitions like these are often very subtle. But when we take a moment to reflect on it, sometimes it feels like a miracle that we made it to where we are, doesn’t it?

I am in a new season of motherhood and have been reminiscing on what life was like when I had two very young, spirited children, and I wanted to share three articles I wrote for the website Power of Moms during this rewarding but equally trying season of my life. I hope that these reflections are helpful for the moms of littles. Or for whatever season you’re in that sometimes feels a little (or a lot) blurry:

My Articles on Power of Moms

-The first article is called, “The Best Year of My Life?”

-The second article is called “It Is What It Is.”

-The third article is called “How My Son’s Routine Chart Makes Me a Better Mom.” 

Check out all of my articles from Power of Moms, many of which were written during naptimes while I was in the midst of parenting littles, here:


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Have you read anything on Power of Moms before? If so, what did you read? Share in a comment below!

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