033: How to Get Your Kids to Do Quiet Time

Instituting a daily Quiet Time is one of the BEST things I’ve done for my kids (and for me!). But I know it’s not always easy to do it, especially with strong-willed kiddos. I hope my three tips will help you to start this routine in your family!

Show Notes

“Okay to Wake” Clock That Turns Green: https://amzn.to/2LtZkjq

Quiet Time 101 by April Perry of Power of Moms: https://powerofmoms.com/mommys-naptime-101-2/

Quiet Time: My Very Best Parenting Secret by Jansen of Everyday Reading: https://everyday-reading.com/quiet-time-my-very-best-parenting-secret/


9 thoughts on “033: How to Get Your Kids to Do Quiet Time”

  1. Quiet time! Yes! Definitely one of my best parenting moves too. My daughter stopped napping before she was 3 and used to wake up around 6 am so I needed a break somewhere! We homeschool now so I still need the break.

    I agree with all your take aways. Consistency is key. I remember taking her by the hand and taking her back to her room over and over until she finally got it. We used the “bunny clock” (the clock’s face is divided in two. One half with a sleeping bunny, one half with a bunny awake which lights up at your preset time). When that broke, I simply put a green nightlight in a christmas light timer and told her when the light was on, that meant she could come out. I would use that in the morning and during quiet time.

    Nowadays, my daughter is 8 and she knows not to wake us up in the morning. She’ll stay up to 2 hours in her room if need be. (She can also grab breakfast on her own if she’s hungry). And then she has quiet time after lunch while I take a nap. Quiet time ends when I wake up and/or leave my room. She tends to play with her stuffed animals, draw, or listen to audiobooks. No screen for us as well during quiet time.

    I highly recommend it. I don’t think we’ll ever do without quiet time.

    Great episode as usual!

  2. Haylee Richman

    I really love the idea of quiet time, but honestly, I was nervous about actually instituting it into our daily routine. I kept thinking, there’s no way my kids are going to go for this. But today, during a difficult moment where one kid was throwing a tantrum and the other was having attitude, I decided I’m going for it! I told them both we were doing quiet time in their rooms for 10 minutes, but I wouldn’t start the timer until they were actually quiet. They both cried and got upset, but we did it anyway and it took a while before they were actually quiet. And then….peace! I was able to clean the bathrooms while listening to another episode of 3 in 30 and they were in their rooms blessedly quiet. 10 minutes went by and after a bit the older asked if she could come out. I went and checked on my 3 year old and he was sleeping on the floor with his favorite blanket. So it worked!! I realized that we actually can have quiet time and it gives them a chance to regroup, get a new mindset, and even take a rest. Thanks Rachel and all of the guests! I really feel like you’ve inspired me to change so many bad habits and learn a better and happier way to parent

    1. Rachel Nielson

      This is so awesome!!! Thanks for the real-life success story! Like I said in the episode, I swear to you, they need it as much as we do! Thank you so much for listening.

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