069: Rekindling Your Love of Motherhood // Kelly Jensen

“The truth is, I don’t like motherhood–and I desperately want to.”

In August of 2016, I wrote these words in an email to a woman I’d never met before but had admired from afar, asking for her advice. At the heart of my message was this question: “How can I learn to love motherhood more?”

My kids were 5 and 2 at the time, and long days at home with them were brutal for me, despite my best efforts to be a patient and fun mom. I felt lost and unfulfilled–but too embarrassed to admit just how desperate I felt to anyone in my real life. It was safer to reach out to someone distant, and that’s why I emailed one of my mom-heroes from Instagram, Kelly Jensen.

I never would’ve believed that just over two years later, I would be talking to Kelly on my very own podcast, reading her that heartfelt plea for help I sent I sent via email and sharing her response with moms all over the world.

It was thrilling for me to interview Kelly for this week’s episode. She’s a mother of five who is known for her contagious love of family life, with her seasonal “Live Lists” and love letters to her children (#wordsformybabies). In this episode, she cheers every mother on with the reminder to value who we are as individuals–and know that it’s enough.

Show Notes 

-Kelly’s Instagram: @kellyejensen

Check out Kelly’s “Live Lists” here and here.

-I am so excited to announce “Declutter your Motherhood Extended,” which starts with a kickoff workshop on Saturday, April 13 at Eleve Event Center in Pleasant Grove, UT, and continues for 30 days with mentoring and support. Go to 3in30podcast.com/workshops for more information and tickets!

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7 thoughts on “069: Rekindling Your Love of Motherhood // Kelly Jensen”

  1. Loved this episode, love your podcast ♥️
    I’d love to receive your takeaway emails!
    Thanks so much for everything you do! 😊

  2. Fantastic episode (I’ve also been following Kelly for a long time😊) 👍 Your podcast is my favorite, I adore it because it’s short, absolutely to the point and the list of your guests (as well as subjects) are always very interesting. I’m a mom of 4 and I still get so many great ideas from listening to you 😊
    Well done, Rachel!!! 💗

    1. Sure!! Look for a confirmation in your email…if you don’t see it, just your Junk box or Promotions tab! xo

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