085: 3 Steps to Help Kids Rewire Difficult Behaviors (Encore!) // Chrissy Austin

As a follow up to our wonderful series with Katherine Reynolds Lewis (click to listen to Part 1 and Part 2), I knew I wanted to re-air Episode 19 with Chrissy Austin, a speech language pathologist with 18 years of experience teaching children the skills they need to self-regulate.

All of our kids get stuck in behaviors that are difficult for us and others to deal with–perhaps it’s whining, interrupting, fighting with siblings, or defiance. According to Chrissty, these neurological “loops” can be rewired. She does it every day in her private practice, and, in this week’s episode, she teaches us how to do it in our homes! We can follow this simple three-step process with our kids:

1) Identify the specific troublesome behavior, and then ask yourself, “What SKILL does my child need to learn in order to change this behavior?”

2) Sit down with the child and make a GOAL to learn the new skill. Have him or her make it visual by writing it down and/or drawing a picture. Consider adding a hand cue.

3) Offer positive reinforcement through verbal praise whenever the child is working on their goal, and consider adding additional reinforcement through earning privileges, if needed.

Chrissy offers so many fantastic tips and interesting bits of research throughout the interview. You won’t want to miss it, especially if you sometimes struggle with knowing how to help your children change.

Show Notes

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4 thoughts on “085: 3 Steps to Help Kids Rewire Difficult Behaviors (Encore!) // Chrissy Austin”

  1. How do I search for an episode? When I click on one and it changes the order of the episodes and I can see how to get back to the top.

    1. Rachel Nielson

      Have you ever listened from a podcast app? It’s much easier than from a computer. If you use an iPhone, the app is already installed, and if you use an Android, I recommend Google Play. Just open up the app and search “3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms.” Then subscribe, and you should see all of the episodes!

  2. I love your podcast! I also love this episode. Do you have any tips for adjusting these tips for a 2-year-old? For example, he can’t set a goal or draw a picture but he might understand sign-language. Is that too young of an age to start using these strategies?

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