102: How to Find Work Life “Balance” // Crystalee Beck of The Mama Ladder

3 tips to manage the work-life balance for moms!

As moms, we often wrestle with the desire to find a better balance for work and motherhood. We want to honor our professional lives and personal development, while also giving our children the love and care they deserve.

But what if it isn’t really about “balance” after all? Crystalee Beck, co-founder of The Mama Ladder, is here to shift our perspectives by teaching us that both work and motherhood are valuable parts of living our purpose. We can find ways to protect time for both so we can be “powerfully present” in whatever we are doing.

Key Takeaways on Finding Work Life Balance for moms from Crystalee:

1. Release the need to be balanced and feel like you have to devote the same amount of time and energy to work and kids.

2. Protect time for the areas that matter to you.

3. Put your ideal week on repeat: it minimizes decision fatigue and guilt in motherhood.

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Resources mentioned in this Episode on How to Find Work-Life Balance for moms:

Jody Moore podcast about “Busyness”: https://jodymoore.com/ep-177-busyness/

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