Three Takeaways for Getting Through Betrayal or Infidelity in a Relationship // Mika Perry

This How to Deal With Infidelity was submitted by an anonymous mom of three in Utah

3 Takeaways for How to Deal with Infidelity and/or Betrayal in a Relationship…

  1. Find/make your village – whether this is a betrayal trauma (or other specialized issue) support group, a small group of safe and trusted friends, or one trusted confidant, find someone! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! YOU ARE NOT YOUR STORY. YOU ARE YOU and YOU CAN DO THIS! Believe it or not, there are people to help you on your journey, but you may have to look hard for them. And someday, you will be that person to someone else who feels alone and hopeless and is looking for someone who will take them and walk with them through this difficult chapter of life.
  2. Make your own personal tool box. What tools do you need to repair a broken item or create a work you are proud of? You can learn what tools can help along your way too… maybe a quote, mantra, or scripture gives you hope? Natural oils or scents can be balancing and energizing, or remind you of a fond memory or safe place. Soft fabric or blanket, a picture of a place or people you love, or an item from someone you love can give comfort. Notes from friends or family can give support and remind you of your worth. (If you don’t have a note reminding you of your strengths and good qualities, write your own and ask a friend or family member to do the same. This request will be an honor to perform, not a chore.)
  3.  Find a calm, safe place where you can breathe and find peace. This place may be in a closet, in your room, maybe your yard or somewhere nearby. When you cannot physically be in your calm, safe place, go to this place in your head and use your 5 senses to take you to that place… Be physically, mentally and spiritually present there.
When you find your life turned upside down, have hope in knowing you are not alone. There is hope and light especially created for you, and you can, someday, find it.  Always, look for light and may joy find you as you journey there.
Do you have any other questions about how to deal with infidelity?  Let me know in a comment below!

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