174: Why to Try a Creative Hobby (Even if You Think You’ll Stink at It) // Lisa Funk of Hand Lettered Design

I don’t consider myself to be an artistic person, but the truth is, I never even try to do art, so how would I really know?

I think I was excited to try art and creative expression as a child, but during my pre-teens years, I realized that some activities come more naturally and easily to me–meaning I didn’t have to work that hard to be good at them–and others take more effort. So I decided I “wasn’t good” at those activities, and it wasn’t “worth my time” to even dabble in a creative hobby. 

We live in a society that is obsessed with productivity and excellence, so we often don’t give ourselves permission to try new hobbies just because we want to or because they feel relaxing or fun.

We want to know the outcome will be worth it! We want a finished product. We want a justification for the time and money we invest.

Well today’s guest believes that the benefits of having a creative hobby go far beyond a beautiful finished product. Lisa Funk is the founder of HandLettered Design, the company that has sponsored 3 in 30 this month. Through their workbooks, online workshops & materials, HandLettered Design helps you learn the fulfilling hobby of handlettering, while also creating a meaningful mindset. 

Lisa is a dear friend of mine who I admire immensely. She is a mother of 4 who struggled for years with depression and anxiety before discovering a variety of tools that have helped her reclaim her happiness and her mental health. One of the biggest tools that has helped her might surprise you…it’s creativity–specifically handlettering.

I can’t wait to hear from Lisa today as she teaches us why it’s valuable to have a creative hobby, even if we think we aren’t naturally creative or artistic, and how to go about turning your creativity into a mindfulness practice that will benefit your mental health. 

-3 Takeaways on why to try a creative hobby-

  1. Create for the process, not because you’re good at it. It’s okay to love an activity just because it’s fun. You don’t have to be good at it now or ever. Remember the Buddist monks who spent days creating the mandala because of what the process taught them and those who observed them, and then released the final product into nature. Really, creativity can be a reminder that life is about becoming not producing.
  2. Use your five senses to be present while you create. A creative hobby that occupies your body–whether that is handlettering, painting, sculpting, cooking, or gardening–can often allow your mind to settle down and focus. In this way, creative hobbies can become like meditations. Next time you are creating something, try to be really present with the physical sensations you are experiencing.
  3. Don’t judge the creation or worry about what other people think. Be aware of your thoughts as you go through the process of creating and notice if perfectionism sneaks in. Don’t judge that, just take note and remind yourself, “This is good practice for me to overcome perfectionism, a little each day.” I love that Lisa pointed out that there’s a mindful way to do creativity and a painful way to do creativity. Let’s choose to make our creativity mindful and restorative by leaning into the process instead of fixating on the product.

>>>Are you inspired to try a creative hobby? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Show Notes-


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